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Metering pump PIM E 0.25 - 280 litre/h

Metering pump PIM E 0.25 - 280 litre/h - 1

Metering, injection (metering units) of liquid chemicals, solutions, suspensions, acids, lyes etc. for a defined dosing, continually, in batches or by means of a computer. 

  • The metering pumps correspond upon request to ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU for application in hazardous areas. 

Plunger or diaphragm pumps (PIM EM hydraulically driven PIM E ZM mechanically driven) with continuously adjustable capacity. Adjustment during operation or at standstill. Exact reading scale divided in to %. Problem free oilbath lubrication. 
Low maintenance requirements, the pump units are constructed in building-block principle, easy to disassemble and to combine. Pump heads according to ap-plication purpose. (alternatively maintenance-free plunger sealings. stuffing box with or without intermediate flushing or diaphragm design without stuffing box), made of plastic, teflon, stainless steel etc. Standard ball valves without springs or special valves suitable for difficult mediums. 
Stroke length adjustment by hand or by means of an electrical servo motor (remote control). Speed adjustment by mechanical variator, direct current motor with thyristor control or three-phase current motor with frequency converter 
Prinziple: adjustment of eccentricshaft by eccenter Number of strokes: 50 100 or 150 strokes/min Tvoe of achustment: linear, with micrometer-screw or electrical motor

Stroke length: continuously adjustable from 0 to 100%

Scale calibration: exact indicator scale from 0 to 100%

Valves: automatic closing, design according to medium

Gear: silent heavy-duty reduction gear, totally enclosed gear box, oil bath lubrication Drive. three-phase motor 0,18 or 0,25 kW

Combinations: horizontal mounting of metering units with single drive: combinable also with other gear sizes (multiple head units). 

PIM E plunger-metering-pump with stroke adjustment by hand design according to ATEX Directive 2010/30/EU 

PIM E ZM diaphragm-metering-pump with diaphragm rupture device and etectrical heating  

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