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Sample Cylinders and Accessories

Sample Cylinders and Accessories - 1

Sample Cylinders

  • Hydrocarbon sampling for refineries
  • Gas sampling for chromatography experiments
  • Condensate sampling for fossil fuel and nuclear power plants
  • As surge accumulators or reaction vessels
  • As snubbers in reactor feed lines


  • Capacities from 40 cm to 3785 cm (1 gal)
  • Cold-formed female NPT thread to provide high strength
  • 1/8'', 1/4'' and 1/2'' female NPT connections
  • DOT and non-DOT cylinders available
  • Accessories, such as valves, relief devices, outage tubes, carrying handles, caps and plugs available
  • Spinned cylinder body machined from seamless tubing to provide consistent wall thickness, size and capacity
  • Full-penetration gas tungsten arc-weld construction to ensure no leak for sampling (single-ended cylinder only)


FITOK sample cylinders are designed and manufactured in compliance with 49 CFR, the stringent regulation of
U.S. Department of Transportation, to provide high reliability and long service life.
Spinned cylinders are made of seamless tubing to increase the wall thickness of neck transitions and thread areas which
provides high strength to reduce the leak risks.
The cylinders are internal sandblasted to ensure smooth surface and minimized remaining particles for easy cleaning.


FITOK DOT cylinders are available in 304L SS and 316L SS. FITOK non-DOT cylinders are available in 304L SS, 316 L SS and
Alloy 400. 


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