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FSR-1 Pressure Control Panels for Single Cylinder

FSR-1  Pressure Control Panels for Single Cylinder - 1


  • With a FCR-1 Series Regulator,
  • Maximum inlet pressure up to 4500 psig,
  • With vent valves to relieve residual pressure quickly,
    easy and safe to remove and replace gas source,
  • Anodized Aluminium panel,
  • Bracket mounting as standard.

Technical Data

  • Maximum inlet pressure: 3000 4500 psig,
  • Outlet pressure range: 0 25, 50, 100, 250 or 500 psig,
  • Seat: PCTFE (regulator and diaphragm valve),
  • Diaphragm: Hastelloy (regulator), Elgiloy (diaphragm valve), 
  • Diaphragm valve body: 316L,
  • Filter: 316L,
  • Temperature: -10°F~+150°F (-23°C~+65°C),
  • Leak rates:
    Internal: ≤1x10 mbar·l/s helium
    External: ≤1x10 mbar·l/s helium
  • Flow coefficient Cv): 0.06

  • Equivalent: SMD SMD 500/530


I'm interested in


316L SS,inlet 300psig,outlet 250psig,connection1and 4,1,1/4" Female NPT; Connection2 and 3,with gauge; Connection 5 and 6,Relief valve, plug
ID parker-
ID swagelok-

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