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FLR-2 Series Piston Regulators

FLR-2 Series Piston Regulators - 1


Dedicated to non-corrosive gases or low-viscosity liquids,
Easy to assemble and disassemble, convenient spring exchange with various adjustment ranges,
Solid piston design, ensuring safety and reliability,
Panel mounting or using mounting holes from below,
Specially cleaned and packaged, ready to work with oxygen applications


Single stage regulator,
Maximum input pressure: 206.7 or 310 bar
Outlet pressure range: 0 ~ 34.4, 0 ~ 51.67 and 0 ~ 69.9 bar

Seat: PCTFE or PEEK for the vented model
Piston: SS 316
Filter: 316L.
Body: SS 316L, SS316 or brass
Viton or Kalrez O-ring

Working temperature: -26 ° C ~ + 74 ° C
Weight: 0.9 kg

Flow factor (Cv): 0.06 with venting 0.1
Body ports: 1/4 "NPFT for inlet, outlet and 1/4" NPT for pressure gauges

Level of tightness:
Internal ≤1x10-7mbar l / s helium
External ≤1x10-9 mbar l / s helium

Equivalents - Swagelok KPP, Tescom 44-1800


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ID parker-
ID swagelok-
Pressure Regulator,Body Material 316 SS,Inlet Pressure 45000 psig,Outlet Pressure 250 psig,Connection 1/2/3/4 1/4" Female NPT, CV=0,06

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